Take your great ideas to their finished form.

Imagine all the great stuff swirling around inside your head brought to fruition. Wouldn't that be great? The Scene Shop is a community that brings you tools and strategies to help you realize your work in your voice.

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It All Starts with a Joke


Jokes are the atoms of humor. We'll show you how to write a great joke, and how to build on that process to make longer works if that's your thing. Our bedrock is the Five Bad Jokes a Day mentality, known to Scene Shop regulars as 5DJ.


Once you get the joke machine going, tackling a sketch is another great challenge. We have weekly live sketch writing streams, plus our patrons get access to a library of learning materials and deep discounts on sketch classes.

Comedy Web Series

Want to help write a comedic web series? We're working on a new series live on Twitch. If you've ever thought you might like to collaborate on a project like this, now's your chance. Come on by the Monday stream and join the fun.

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The beating heart of our community is our Discord chat. Comedy writers from all over the world post their daily jokes, link to their finished work, and hang out. Feel free to stop by, ask questions, and see what we're all about.

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We write together... a lot. The only way to make great work is to make a lot of work. Join us on Twitch for one of our writing streams. Pitch ideas. build your motivation and have a laugh or two in the process. It's a whole lot of fun.

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You'll get all the tools needed to take your work to the next level and you'll have a guide every step along the way. Scene Shop members get steep discounts! Email Jim Hodgson for more info:

Scene Shop Team Projects

Death at the HOA

In addition to the joke workshop and sketch writing streams, we're working collaboratively on a web series written live on Twitch. Want to get involved? Look for the stream schedule here.

Bad Gladiator

In the ancient Roman empire, one boy has a dream: to fight in the arena for the glory of Rome! If only someone would tell him where it is... Check out our highly-rated audio drama here.

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